Child Care Budget Proposal The Alliance for Children’s Rights requests your support of a budget request to the state legislature to establish the Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children. Access to affordable child care is crucial for our youngest foster children. It is needed to recruit and retain loving foster families, stabilize foster placements, Read more >>

SB 1201 Aligning Criminal History Exemptions Placement with relatives is preferred by federal and state law because research indicates that these children experience fewer traumas and have better outcomes than children who are placed with non-relatives. Unfortunately, many foster children spend the first few months in foster care in shelters or with foster parents they Read more >>

A report was recently published by Generations United examining the plight of grandfamilies, defined as “grandparents, or other relatives of similar or older generations, [who] are the primary caregivers for children of their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.” There are over 2.7 million grandfamilies nationwide and, as the report illustrates, these families are among Read more >>

National Kinship Care Month

United States Senators Wyden and Hatch put forward Resolution 266 making September 2015 National Kinship Care Month. The resolution is meant to recognize the grandparents and other relatives who are taking care of 2,700,000 kids who are living with them throughout the country. Kinship caregivers have been proven to provide safer and more stable households Read more >>

Children should be raised in loving and caring homes. In order to ensure that every child is raised in a family, California generally provides a family who finds it in their hearts to provide a home for children in foster care reimbursement for the added costs associated with caring for these children. Unfortunately, until recently, Read more >>

CA Makes Historic Investment in Foster Children Raised by Relatives

Governor Jerry Brown signed the 2014 – 2015 California budget on June 20, 2014, which includes a $30 million investment in the futures of foster children who are raised by relatives. This is the most important policy victory for foster children since the extension of foster care to age 21 through AB 12 in 2012. Read more >>

California’s new Approved Relative Caregiver Funding Option Program is a huge leap forward in ensuring equity for foster youth placed with relative foster parents. However, because participation in the new program is at the option of each county and because the new program does not allow youth to receive specialized care increments or other additional Read more >>

On Tuesday, May 20, CBS 13 Sacramento aired a segment focusing on the disparity in financial support for foster children placed with relatives. The piece broke down the causes of the funding gap, and how the gap actually gets wider as a foster child gets older. Relative caregiver and single mother Donita Sears shared her Read more >>

On Tuesday April 8 and Wednesday April 9, advocates and relative caregivers from around the state converged on the Capitol to tell their stories, support AB 1882 and to ask the legislature to provide equitable support to all foster children placed with relatives.  On Tuesday, the Alliance and our Step Up coalition partners visited 32 Read more >>

On Wednesday, February 26, the California Assembly Budget Subcommittee 1 held a hearing on child poverty.  Four Step Up Coalition members and two relative caregivers provided public comments about the need for California to provide all relative caregivers with foster care benefits.  Linking the inequitable supports provided to most relative caregivers with the policy focus of Read more >>