Anna’s Story

My name is Anna Vargas, and I am a single mother caring for my six year old daughter. My niece, Nicka, was placed in foster care as an infant and spent time in multiple homes. I couldn’t bear the inconsistencies of her early life, so I decided to give her a stable home. Before Nicka came to live with me, I worked nights at Denny’s and spent my days at community college.

Once Nicka came, I had to give up school because she needs constant attention and counseling every day. When she lived with a foster parent, she received more than $1,000 a month for her care. I receive less than $400 a month, which barely covers the cost of gas and food. I’d like to adopt Nicka, but the system won’t let me until I get an apartment with another bedroom, which I can’t afford right now. I’m really worried about our future. I would love to finish my education and get a good job so I can provide for my daughter and Nicka, but it seems like an out of reach dream.