Legislative Priorities in 2018

SB 1083: Reducing Barriers to Resource Family Approval (Senator Holly J. Mitchell)

Governor Brown signed SB 1083 (Chapter 935, Statutes of 2018) into law on September 29. The bill makes improvements to the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process to ensure that the process is both timely and supportive of caregivers and the children in their care.

Provisions in SB 1083 include:

  • extending the RFA conversion deadline for existing certified, licensed, or approved families by an additional year (until December 31, 2020);
  • requiring the RFA permanency assessment to be completed within 90 days for all families who have a placement prior to being approved as a resource family, such as placements on an emergency basis;
  • allowing a family that withdraws a RFA application to resume the RFA process at the point it was withdrawn, if it is within 12 months of the withdrawal, and
  • clarifying that a youth can be placed with an approved relative or extended family member through a Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA) without that person being approved as a resource family.

SB 1083 is effective starting January 1, 2019. The Alliance for Children’s Rights partnered with Children’s Law Center of California, Children Now, and John Burton Advocates for Youth in sponsoring the legislation.